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Buis Roofing Coupon 1

Coupon Offer #1

BIG Deal - $4,500 for a New Roof with 3-D Architectural Shingles
Here's the Deal / Offer Includes:
  • $4500.00 for a new roof with 3-D architectural shingles
  • Valid for one- or two-story homes and up to 2,000 square feet of shingles; larger homes are eligible for a discount on additional square footage needed (2,000 sq. ft. will cover many homes completely)
  • Selection of brand-name shingles in a variety of colors
  • Complete tear-off of existing shingles (one layer)
  • Installation of new 15-pound felt paper
  • Inspection and sealing of all chimney and wall flashings
  • Installation of designated starter strip on all eaves to prevent leakage
  • Replacement of chimney flashing
  • Installation of new pipe boot flashing on external roof pipes
  • Removal and replacement of weatherproofing ice and water shield and pipe jacks
  • Installation of new ridge ventilation system
  • Installation of 3-D architectural shingles with nails
  • Lifetime warranty on shingles; 10-year warranty on labor
  • Complete clean-up and haul-away of all debris, including use of a magnetic roller to pick up nails
  • The square footage of your roof is not necessarily the same as the square footage of your home
  • Up to two boards replaced at no extra charge; $35 extra for additional board replacements

Coupon Offer #2

BIG Deal - $195 for a Roof Tune-up and Roof Cleaning
Here's the Deal / Offer Includes:
  • $195.00 for a roof tune-up and inspection (up to 2,000 square feet); additional square footage can be inspected for additional charge.
  • Complete roof inspection for one- and two-story homes – tighten loose shingles, eliminate exposed nail heads, caulk and seal nail holes.
  • Package includes the following: a visual roof inspection, caulking exposed nail heads on flashing, nailing down any loose shingles, resealing around any unsealed pipe collars, exhaust fans, vents, and chimney flashing up to four penetrations. No shingle replacement is included
  • Checking for interior leaks in the attic that may not be noticeable from the exterior of your home
  • Providing photos of other areas in need of repair, discuss any issues, and potential plan of action (if needed)